Facts about Rats

Your home or place of business offers the commensal Norway rat the perfect environment in which to survive and cause a serious infestation resulting in costly damage to your property. Here are some interesting facts and snippets about these pesky rodents:

  • The origin of the brown rat is from central Asia and was introduced into the UK in the 1700s. By stowing away, rats were transported globally being carried along trade routes on merchant and other shipping vessels. With its unique adaptability, the brown rat can survive most environments and habitats and has an incredible breeding rate.
  • The Norwegian rat, (Rattus Norvegicus), or brown rat as it more commonly known can be found all over the world. In the UK they can be found almost everywhere from rural to urban environments. All they need is shelter and food.
  • Rats are Omnivores and will eat pretty much everything including, seeds, fruit, insects, other small mammals, birds eggs, snails, human waste and just about anything in your kitchen just to name a few!
  • A rat can fit through a hole approximately 20mm in diameter. So if they don’t burrow under your house and into your cavity walls, they can easily gain access through holes in walls and other breeches in and around your property.
  • Rats are excellent swimmers and can actually gain access into your home by travelling up sewer pipes and literally swimming up into your toilet.
  • Rats are excellent climbers, so it really is a good idea to avoid having Ivy and other climbing plants growing up the side of your house. Norway rats are not known for their jumping skills.
  • As with mice, rats will thrive in the environments our homes and business premises offer them – warmth, water, food and perfect nesting materials.
  • Rats have a continuously growing pair of incisors which require constant wearing which they achieve by gnawing on hard objects and other rough materials.
  • Due to their constant need to chew, rats will soon turn parts of your home into war zones leaving behind them a wake of costly destruction. Scurrying around in your loft, these pesky rodents will make light work of gnawing through electric cables causing a fire hazard and destroy loft insulation in a very short space of time.
  • Although rats have poor eyesight, nature equipped them with sensitive vibrissae hairs which allow them to map out and remember exactly the environment in which they have set up home.
  • Rodents have a diastema which is a gap between the front teeth and molars. This allows them to hold food without swallowing it.
  • Rats have no canine or pre-molar teeth

Rats breed fast

As with all Rodents, rats breed fast which is why it is important to contact professional pest control services as soon as you believe you have an infestation. Our homes and business premises provide rats with perfect breeding conditions throughout the year which guarantees two will soon become many. Taking into account that a female rat can in theory produce from 5 or more litters per year, producing on average 12-14 pups per litter, it is not difficult to calculate that if left unchecked you will soon have a major infestation that will potentially end up with serious structural damage to your property.

If you discover signs of rats in your home it is important to contact Country Life Pest Control as your first call as we get rid of rats fast.

Life expectancy of a rat

In captivity a pet rat can live for up to 4 years. Life expectancy for a wild rat is much lower, with an estimated 95% of them dying before one year old, which is equivalent to 30 years in human terms. The most common cause of death in wild rats is due to natural predators including owls and foxes. Wild rats that survive their first year can live up to two years under favourable conditions.

Are Rats Nocturnal?

Rats are by nature creatures of the night being most active between dusk and dawn. Although rats can sometimes be seen during daylight hours, it usually means they have or whatever reason been disturbed there is a large infestation.

Do you need Rat control?

Have you signs of rats at your home or place of business? If yes, then you need to call Country Life Pest Control at your earliest convenience. We have the skills and training to eliminate them fast and will guide you as to how to avoid future infestations.

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