Signs you have mice in your house or place of work

Mice urinate frequently and the smell is that of strong ammonia which is a definite sign of rodents in your property and is quite unpleasant. If you spot a mouse in your house or at your place of work during the daytime, it is usually an indication of a heavy infestation. Due to the fact that mice can hide for long periods without being noticed, and due to their nocturnal nature, it can be quite some time before you even notice or suspect you might have a problem.

If you do suspect that you have mice in your house or at your place of work call us now to arrange an appointment and our pest services experts will be more than happy to visit your property to confirm their presence and take care of your infestation.

Signs of a mouse infestation

  • Mice use soft easily to shred material to build nests and line them with other soft materials they find in your loft space and other living areas.
  • Even at the earliest stages of a mouse infestation, mice can produce literally thousands of droppings in a short period of time. They are easy to identify being approximately ¼ inch in length and pointed at both ends. They are also firm to touch. If you do decide to touch them, please ensure suitable protective gloves are worn as mice dropping carry diseases associated with rodents. Mice droppings can be sometimes confused with Bat droppings in loft spaces, as they look almost the same. However, due to the fact that Bats eat only insects, their droppings crumble easily when squeezed.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to have a heavy mice infestation, the body grease combined with dirt, other materials and urine builds up and forms small mounds of up to 4cm high and 1cm wide. These are known as Mouse urine pillars and have a strong pungent ammonia type odour.
  • Mice are mostly active at night and you might hear scratching sounds in the loft, inside wall cavities or under floors.
  • Mice often leave smear marks from the dirt and grease on their fur. Sometimes it is possible for the even untrained eye, to see tracks of footprints left behind by a mouse.

Checking for mice inside your home

Checking for mice and or signs of rodents in your home or at your place of work is relatively straight forward. Mice can squeeze through the smallest of holes. In fact, a mouse can squeeze through a hole the same diameter as a pencil, so when you begin your search be extra vigilant ensuring to check your building from top to bottom. Here are some common places to begin your search:

  • Loft spaces – Mice love lofts spaces, especially as there is everything there needed for them to make a nest. Stored clothes, loft insulation and other stored soft materials are easily shredded by mice from which to make their nest. A strong smell of Ammonia in your loft indicates that you have an infestation. This is caused by the urine from mice. Another clue to having mice in your loft will be scattered droppings.
  • Kitchen – Your kitchen is where mice will find their main food and water source. Check inside cupboards for droppings and chewed food packages. Also, under kitchen sinks and behind your washing machine for droppings. Also check where pipework enters the kitchen as mice often use the spaces around the pipes through which to enter and exit your kitchen.
  • Garages – Mice often enter your home via gaps around the garage door. Mice. When Mice enter your garage, they will travel along the edges of your floor around the walls and will often climb on to work benches and other surfaces. Evidence will include droppings, smears marks and mouse tracks.

Concerned about mice in your home

If you believe that you have a mouse infestation in your home or at your place of work call us now to get rid of mice