Control of Mice

Although often thought of as cute, mice and the discovery mice in your home can be a real problem. Mice carry disease and can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage if left unchecked.

Mice are considered as one of the most common pests in the world and can be found almost everywhere. Mice are Rodents and once they infest your property they can be extremely destructive. If you discover a mouse infestation in your home and chose to ignore it, be warned, two mice can in a short space of time turn into dozens. Once Mice have entered your home, it doesn’t take long to hear them scurrying behind your fridge, under kitchen cupboards and getting into your furniture. Often, you will hear mice running in your walls and hear scratching sounds and scurrying from loft spaces as you lay in bed often keeping you awake at night. Mice easily chew their way through fabrics and will find their way into drawers and cupboards in search for food, leaving behind them a wake of destruction and mess.

Mice are indeed a destructive nuisance and are a known carrier of disease including Salmonella, and Hantavirus. Mice also are a known carrier of Ticks and Fleas which are themselves serious pests linked with other infectious diseases such as Lyme disease and more.

At Country Life Pest Control we offer professional mouse control solutions for homes and businesses. We will get rid of a mouse infestation and advise you of measure that can be taken to prevent re-infestation.

Mouse problems at home or your place of work

Our homes and places of business provide mice the warmth they need and a place to build their nests with easy access to food, which makes them so hard to get rid, of and why a professional pest services technician is usually needed. Mice breed fast and it doesn’t take long for infestations to spread into different areas of your home or place of work.

Sneaking in and out at night, mice will readily eat food from food storage areas in and around your kitchen your kitchen. Mice have strong teeth and jaws and can easily chew through plastic items and also make short work of chewing electric cables and gnawing through wood and are often the main culprit when mice infestations cause large and structural damage to timber framework in loft spaces for example.

We get rid of Mice

Although Autumn and winter see higher numbers of Mice and Rat seeking shelter in your home or place of business, infestations are not uncommon throughout the UK and are happy to share our homes all year round. We can get rid of them mice.

Colour of the common House Mouse

House mice are covered in short smooth hair that varies from light brown and sometimes dusty grey on top with a light grey or cream belly.

Other characteristics of the house mouse include small eyes, pointed nose, large ears. The approximate weight of an adult mouse is between 12 to 30 grams and from the tip of the nose the tip of the tail can grow up to 20 cm long.

Although mice are of nocturnal nature, meaning they prefer to search for food at night, they can also be seen during daylight hours. Seeing mice in your house or at your place of work during the daytime could be an indication of a major infestation. Mice are also short sighted and colour blind, and although they are only able to see clearly 6 inches in front of them, mice are natural athletes and can easily climb and run up walls, make easy work of climbing through wall cavities, scurry along pipework and wires and are the kings of the animal kingdom high jump! Mice are capable of jumping upwards of up to 12 inches or more at a time and down from 8 feet. Mice are also very capable swimmers.

House mice are capable of breeding all year and can become pregnant again within 48 hours of a litter being born. Usually Mice litters average from 6, and the adult female mouse may produce up 10 litters per year, with a gestation period of 21 to 23 days, with maturity being reached in 35 days.

Tips for Mice control

I was very lucky to be trained in pest control by someone I would now consider to be one of my closest friends. I remember him saying to me one day “you have to think like a rodent.”

Apart from easy access, our homes and places of business offer the perfect conditions in which for Mice to thrive and survive. Mice are very commensal Rodents and the shelter, warmth, food and huge variety of nesting material our homes and places of business have on offer gives the humble mouse the perfect landlord. On the bright side though, there are a few things you can do around your home or place of work that can help prevent a mouse infestation. Country Life Pest Control offers the following tips:

  1. Remove garden and other waste – Mice love nothing more that piles of leaves or wood stacked up against the side of your homes, garages and sheds. Not only does it provide the mice with shelter, it also provides them with the possibility of entering your home or outbuildings.
  2. Seal up holes – A mouse can squeeze through a hole the same diameter as a pencil. For hole’s up to the size of a golf ball, we recommend sealing with a specially formulated Rodent Sealer. Basically, it consists of silicon and pieces of metal wire which the mice find inedible as they cannot chew it.
  3. Cover Low-level air bricks – Almost every home in the UK has air bricks. These low-level air bricks found around the outside of your property, provide mice with easy access to your cavity walls and within a short space of time the inside of your property. If you hear scratching or scurrying in your walls, it often means you have a mouse infestation, and in many cases, your rodent infestation began as a result of a mouse or mice entering through an air vent.
  4. Seal up food – Our kitchens and food storage areas, whether it be our homes, place of business, restaurant, café, bar or fast food outlet, mice are opportunists and they know that the prerequisite of moving in will be a guaranteed abundance of food. Although difficult to protect all the food in your kitchen and food storage areas against mice, storing dried foods and vegetables in sealed containers will at least cut off the bulk of the food source. Clean up crumbs and other food from work surfaces and floors. Remember, mice only need 3-5 grams of food per day. So, what might only seem like a few scraps of food on the floor that can be cleaned up later by you, to a mouse it is a veritable feast!
  5. Mouse proofing - For those who would prefer to have a professional proofing survey and professional proofing carried out, we at Country Life Pest Control offer complete proofing packages which we are more than happy to discuss with you.

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