Signs of bed bug infestation

Upon arrival of your property, Our Country Life expert Bed Bug Exterminator will do is check for signs of a bed bug infestation. This can be time consuming as there are a range of different signs to identify and these little critters can hide just about anywhere.

Here are the main things that we would be looking for in order to identify signs of a Bed Bug infestation:

  • Blood Spots – These are caused in three ways. The first is simply from Bed Bugs filled with blood that are crushed as you move naturally in your bed during the night. The second cause of blood spots can be caused by excess blood secreted from the Bed Bug as it finishes its blood feed and leaves your body. The third cause of blood spots are caused as a result of blood excreted by the human host immediately after the Bed Bug finishes its blood feed.
  • Bed Bug BitesBed Bug bites are a clear sign you have a Bed Bug infestation and are mostly found on parts of the body that are exposed during sleep including the hands, face, neck, shoulders, ankles and arms.
  • Odours – If left unchecked, a Bed Bug infestation will soon grow, and as a result an unpleasant musty aroma will be noticed – almost like a damp “Almond” smell. Bed Bugs also give off a hormonal scent when disturbed.
  • Shed Bed Bug Skins – During their lifecycle Bed Bugs shed their skins as they grow from first stage Larva to fully grown adult. During the early stages of a Bed Bug infestation, few if any skins at all, will be visible as the new adult invader has reached maturity and no longer moults. As a bed Bug infestation grows shed skins will start to become visible and the exoskeleton left behind by the growing Bed Bug looks identical to a live example, except that it appears translucent and cannot move.
  • Faecal Spots – Immediately after feeding Bed Bugs begin producing dark, aqueous faecal matter resembling black, ink-like spots on sheets, mattress and bed frame and are usually one of the first signs of a Bed Bug infestation.
  • Live Bed Bugs – During the early stages of a Bed Bug infestation, it will be difficult for the untrained eye to spot living examples unless you know where to find Bed Bugs. At Country Life Pest Control we are experts in finding and dealing with a Bed Bug infestation, so call us now as your first step to get rid of Bed Bugs!
  • Bed Bug Eggs and Shells – The female Bed Bug tends to lay her eggs on fabrics and in between the cracks and crevices found in furniture and structurally damaged parts of a room such as peeling wallpaper or gaps behind skirting boards. Newly laid Bed Bug eggs are sticky which allows them to adhere to surfaces easily. The newly laid eggs are white and measure approximately 1mm in length and are clustered very closely to each other. During her life, the female Bed Bug will lay up to 500 eggs.
 Bed Bug Egg Shells are approximately 1mm in length and have the appearance of flattened dried out casts of live Bed Bug eggs.

Where we find Bed Bugs

As well as the signs of Bed Bugs, our professional pest controller knows exactly where to look for them. Here are the main places of where to look for Bed Bugs:

  • Wooden Bed Frames – in between joints and frame structure gaps, cracks and crevices
  • Bedside cabinets – in between structural and damage caused cracks and crevices and also hinges and drawer sliders
  • Floorboards - in between and in natural joins and cracks and crevices caused by natural wear and tear
  • Decoration – peeling wallpaper is a favourite hiding place for Bed Bugs
  • Plastered walls – cracks in plaster
  • Wardrobes – structural and age related cracks and crevices, door hinges and fittings.
  • Drawers - structural and age related cracks and crevices and slider fittings.

Concerned about Bed Bugs in your home?

If you believe that you have a Bed Bug infestation in your home or at your place of business call us now to get rid of Bed Bugs.

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