Bed Bug Facts

Unlike some Pests that require professional pest control, Bed Bugs are not attracted to dirt, grime and stored clutter. However clutter will offer Bed Bugs more places to hide, so storing things under your bed and around your bedrooms should be avoided at all times. Bed Bugs arrive in our homes, hotels and other accommodations as accidental invaders stowed away in old and second hand furniture and also in luggage that guests or you yourself have collected unknowingly during holiday or business travel. Here are more fascinating facts about Bed Bugs and some tips to help you avoid Bed Bug Bites:

Bed Bugs and hotel rooms

Bed Bugs and the resurgence of Bed Bugs, especially at hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations such as hostels, suggest that it would be wise for you as a guest to inspect your room for signs of Bed Bugs upon your arrival. Although Bed Bug Bites do not pose a serious health risk, many a vacation or business traveller has been caused serious discomfort and stress when waking up in the morning to find itchy red bite marks on their body. In order to inspect for Bed Bugs in your hotel room, you will need a torch – which most phones have today – and a business or credit card.

Bed Bugs
To ensure that you do not wake up in your hotel with Bed Bug Bites, follow these steps to ensure that your room is free from Bed Bugs:

  • Luggage - place it on a luggage stand and get to work checking for Bed Bugs. If luggage stands are not available, place your bags in the shower cubicle or bath tub. Hang up hand carried suit / dress bags and non-luggage bags. 
  • Sheets – remove from the bed and lay them out on the floor. Using your torch, inspect each sheet paying attention to the edges and seams whilst inspecting for Bed Bugs and other signs such as copper coloured stains.
  • Headboard – Bed Bugs often favour the headboard as a place to hide and thorough inspection is recommended. Using your torch, check all seams, folds and fixings if it the headboard is both of wooden and padded cloth construction. If the headboard is wooden or metal, check cracks, crevices and fittings such as screws and framework.
  • Mattress – using your torch, inspect the seams around the mattress. Using a credit or business card to help prise back the seams will make this much easier. Check for signs of Bed Bug Eggs, live Bed Bugs, stains and shed skins. Flip mattress and check the other side.
  • Bed frame – Using your torch, check the crevices where the frame is joined and any other parts of the structure where bed bugs might hide.
  • Other places where Bed Bugs hide – sometimes Bed Bugs migrate to other parts of the room, so it is worth giving curtains a thorough inspection as well as any upholstered furniture located in the room. Other areas to check include the edges along were the carpets meet the walls and any other cracks and crevices that can be seen by the naked eye.

If you do discover signs of Bed Bugs in room, inform the hotel management immediately and change room or hotel.

Bed Bugs

What are Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius)?

Bed Bugs are considered as a blood-sucking parasite of humans that live in and around bedrooms hiding amongst the cracks, crevices, folds of fabric, curtains, bedding and mattresses.

Adult Bed Bugs are approximately 5mm in length, oval in shape, have flat bodies and are mahogany to rusty brown in colour. After a blood feed the adult will appear reddish-brown. Bed Bug Nymphs, (baby Bed Bugs), are almost translucent when they first hatch and become browner as they mature. The immature Bed Bug Nymph’s will shed their skins five times before reaching maturity, requiring a blood meal before each moult.

What are Bed Bugs attracted to?

Bed Bugs are parasites of humans and other mammals and need warmth, to feed on blood in order to survive and thrive. Bed Bugs are firstly attracted by the natural output of Carbon Dioxide whilst humans sleep. Once detected, Bed Bugs crawl onto the bed of its unsuspecting victim seeking exposed areas of skin from where it will proceed to bite in order to obtain its fill of blood.

Need Professional Bed Bug Control?

Do you have signs of Bed Bugs in your home, or are you a hotel or other rented accommodation manager looking for a Bed Bug exterminator? Is so, you will need the services of a professional Pest Controller who has the skills and Pest control expertise to get rid of Bed Bugs.

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