Rodents (Rats and Mice) Part2

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Last summer the UK experienced unusually high temperatures thus creating the perfect conditions for Rats and Mice to thrive which have led to an alarming increase in their numbers. It is estimated that there are over 200 million Rats living … Continued

Rodents, part 1

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The most common pests are rodents. Heading the list of rodents are of course Mice and Rats. Mice and Rats are known disease carriers, and are by nature naturally equipped with sharp incisors that lead to damage and destruction of … Continued

Spot Carpet Beetles early!

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Save your furnishings by spotting Carpet Beetles early! #pestcontrol #stratfirduponavon #bromsgrove #solihull #brimsgrove Immature carpet beetles, called larvae, cause damage to human clothing, furnishings, and other products. Signs include shed skins which can cause itritation and rashes, faecal pellets and … Continued

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